A Peek Into Our Process: What We Do As Wedding Planners

Being in the wedding industry and especially being a planner, people are always curious about exactly what we do. Well well well, you have come to the right place! We wanted to dive into some of the very important things that we do on a daily basis but more importantly what we do on your big day. We truly “touch” pretty much every aspect of the wedding day and we make it our mission for the entire planning process to go off without a hitch! Keep reading for a deeper dive into what we do!

Wedding planning is a giant task. We take this monster of a task and divide it into many smaller tasks to eventually get to the big day. Couples come to us because of this, it is all too much, they need an extra set of hands and eyes. Couples need someone to manage all of the moving parts on their wedding day so they can truly enjoy it. We start by learning about our couples and gathering all information, from their vision, to most important guests, to vendors. We partner with vendors to ensure smooth sailing. We pinpoint details that will make or break the vision for the big day. Like I said, we truly “touch” every piece of the wedding.

Of course with any job comes tough moments. For us we like to really keep it to “moments” we take the problem, quickly analyze and think through the best solution, then immediately fix it. We need to keep everyone on time. We need to manage someone not listening to directions. We handle policies and make it right. We ensure cooperation amongst all vendors. We keep guests happy and do any and all favors for our couple.

I would say we have 2 favorite parts of the wedding planning process. One being getting to know our couples and their vision. We learn so much from this portion that it sets us up to make our clients' weddings come to life. The information we gather sets us apart and really gives us everything we need to execute and deliver an amazing wedding. Our second favorite part is seeing the before and after. We love to step back and see how everything came together. Along with this comes seeing our couples reactions and seeing them happy on their wedding day.

We have put so much time and effort into our business and we truly care about our couples and making their dreams a reality. We have invested in the tools needed to make this all happen and we do not take any shortcuts in any of our processes. If this sounds like exactly what you need then please reach out to us and let us explain even more how we can make wedding planning a delightful experience!

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