How to Make Your Fall Chicago Wedding Stand Out

Updated: Sep 22

Hello September! We welcome you with open arms and have awaited your arrival! The fall season is filled with such great things. Pumpkin patches, apple cider, halloween, flannels, bonfires, and many people's new favorite wedding season. We are here for all of the above. With fall being a more new favorite time for a wedding there are so many different avenues you can go down for your wedding styling and decor. We wanted to talk about some fun ways to stand out!

A big piece of most weddings is the floral. First of, we have some amazing florists we highly recommend if you are in the market for one. But truly your florals is what can really tell the story of the season you are in. We are loving a big beautiful arch that can be used multiple ways. This floral arch screams fall beauty and really makes a bold statement. I love the use of the earthy tones with the pops of white to brighten it up. Another color that I feel like sometimes goes unnoticed in fall color schemes is the green. Greenery is always important to bring balance to most florals but I think green can be the star of your color pallet a lot of times. All in all florals done right can really wow your guests and make a statement and help tell fall love story.

Another fun and trendy way to make your fall Chicago wedding stand out is the use of furniture, that's right folks, furniture. Something about a warm cozy chair or couch just emulates fall to me. For example we love the use of these chairs at the sweetheart table. Your guests will definitely remember you sitting in these awesome seats enjoying dinner at the reception. The texture and warm tones of these really add a lot to the space. Another fun way to use furniture at your wedding is to place chairs and/or couches near the dance floor. It makes for a fun photo op and also a great place to sit down and rest those dancing feet. The use of furniture, especially fun and unique furniture is a trend we are loving and we love thinking outside the box on how to incorporate these trends into our couples special day.

A third way to stand out in the fall wedding category is with more texture in ways of glass! The vase choices and even drink ware choices can really add a great fall flare to your wedding day. We love to see browns and deep gold glasses for florals. Along with the beautiful fall hues of florals we mentioned earlier, they incorporate so nicely with brown Some of this glassware can also have some great texture to it which adds to the richness of the tables cape. I love the use of various shapes and sizes to add a lot of dimension and variation.

It sure is safe to say we love a fall wedding. All of the fun ways to make it stand out and be unique are even more reason we love a fall wedding. If you or someone you know is planning on a beautiful September or October wedding we would love to help in the planning process. Reach out to us for more information. We love making wedding dreams a reality.

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