How We Create Vision Boards & Inspire Design

Updated: Sep 22

Lets face it, getting all our wedding day visions into one place is a task! Not only getting them into one place but ensuring they are all inspirational and realistic for what will be accomplished on the big day. Today I wanted to talk about our process and how we get our couples vision on paper and then into reality!

One of the first steps in planning out our couples vision board is working through color choices. Typically the bride has some of the colors she wants planned out in her head. Where we come in and offer expertise is pairing the colors together so they flow well. Another important piece is thinking about the season and how certain colors fit well into the season of the wedding. The use of color is so crucial and it’s important to have a great balance of neutral bases and the bolder colors to all tie in together.

A second big piece of creating a vision board is getting to know our couple and their wants and needs for the look of their big day. Getting an idea for the esthetic and vibe the couple wants to showcase. Asking questions like what they want their guests to notice. How they want the space to look overall. We even like to ask questions about what the couple wants to feel when they enter the space. All of these things give us a good handle on the overall look and feel of their dream day. From there we can really start sourcing inspiration and getting ideas onto “paper”.

We like to use pinterest to find a lot of our inspiration. It is a great place to search for basically anything and of course it is all beautiful. We like to get some good pictures of everything we have discussed with our couple during design meetings. We want to think about every aspect of design that we will be planning out for their big day. From florals, to table settings, to furniture, to stationary. We aim to get it all on this vision board and give our couples a glimpse into how their wedding day will turn out!

If design help is something you or someone you know would like to learn more about, reach out to us for more information. We love creating beautiful designs for our couples and then bringing it all to life on wedding day!

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