Our Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers

Let's be real here, think of weddings and most likely you think of flowers. They are such a huge part of most weddings and we absolutely love using seasonal flowers for your big day. Using seasonal flowers has some great perks, First being that your in season flowers will be lucious and so beautiful. Second, using in season florals is a great way to save money. When you choose flowers that are out of season they need to be imported which greatly adds to the cost. April happens to be one of the best times to get amazing peonies. A couple more flowers that are stunning right now are gardenias and garden roses. Let's take a closer look at some of our favorites!

Gardenias are a great classic and romantic style flower that pairs well with many color palettes because this flower comes in shades of white and ivory. We love to see these flowers are nice beautiful boutonnieres. Gardenias have a great large size and shape for boutonnieres. One thing to be aware of is that gardenias do start to turn brown as they die. And they need to be handled with care as well. A gardenia symbolizes purity and gentleness which of course is fitting for a wedding. Gardenias are a long time staple in many weddings and we love to see them!

Another flower we love to see and use for spring weddings is the garden rose. The difference between a garden rose and a standard rose is that a standard rose has pointed petals that rotate around one center. Garden roses have ruffled petals swirling around different centers to form a rounded bloom. Garden roses come in a plethora of colors so they can be worked into any color palette. They are also bred for their scent which makes for a pleasant aroma on your big day!

Last but not least and possibly my favorite, peonies! They are just so beautiful and fluffy. They come in many colors which makes them an amazing addition to any bouquet or table decoration. Peonies are that flower that is only in bloom in the spring, making it the perfect flower to kick off the wedding season. Another great perk to peonies is that because they have a very large head to them they can be cost effective by mixing in other foliage to the arrangement. For a classic but romantic vibe definitely consider adding peonies to your floral list!

Remember for the optimal floral arrangement use a trusted professional florist who will have all the perfect seasonal flowers for your wedding date. We have some great florists we highly recommend. Reach out to us for more information and we cannot wait to help plan your big day! info@monarchcreativeevents.com

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