Vendor Relationships in the Chicago Suburbs

In this wedding industry there are so many ins and outs. One of these being all of the vendors that make these weddings literally come to life. From DJ’s to Florists to Catering Managers to Bartenders. Every single person that has a hand in each wedding day makes it run and makes it special in their own way. If I’m being honest, going into a wedding day and getting to meet and work with a new group of people to make the couple's wedding day amazing is one of my favorite things. Today I wanted to talk about these relationships and how all of us vendors mold our work into making a magical day.

Our team here at Monarch all have worked with each other on wedding days and have figured out how we work together at this point. Of course we have learning curves and every wedding brings new and different situations and challenges sometimes. We truly learn something new every wedding and we strive to ensure we grow from each other and each event. I would say that one thing we always learn each wedding is ways to partner with other vendors in the moment. We all need to lean on each other sometimes. All the vendors have to be on the same team, team bride and groom!

One of the benefits of forming a quick and effective relationship with vendors is that it helps the day go smoothly knowing we have all connected and are all on the same page going into the day. There are alot of moving parts to a wedding day and ensuring we all feel comfortable with the plan is key. On a second note to that, making sure we all feel comfortable coming to one another when a decision needs to be made or something needs to be done is also key. Like in most jobs, great communication goes a long way.

Nothing beats showing up to a wedding day knowing that you are working with another vendor you have worked with before. It is always great to see a familiar face and recall back on how you worked together last time and bring that energy back to life for the day! If you are a bride reading this, just know that if your vendors know each other and have worked with each other before, your day is going to rock! If you are a vendor reading this just know we love every partnership! We truly love what we do and every person we get to meet along the way is a stepping stone in our journey.

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