Where to Begin Planning a Wedding

So you just got engaged?! Congratulations! This is truly one of the most exciting times of your life, live it up and savor every moment! Celebrate and enjoy but also don't forget about the next event in the lineup... the wedding! In case you haven't realized this, there is a huge wedding boom right now. Starting the planning process sooner rather than later is the best idea right now in the current hot temperature of the wedding industry. There is definitely a method to the madness and we are going to dive into some aspects of how to start planning a wedding, it's kinda our favorite thing!

The first steps in the planning process are typically nailing down your biggest vendors. We like to think about which vendors book up the fastest and which vendors are most important to the couple. The 2 biggest ones that come to mind first and the venue and the photographer. Choosing the venue is typically first since that sets the tone for the rest of the wedding planning. Venue's typically book out farthest in advance first. Secondly, the photographers are another one that will book out farther in advance. Another important reason to book your photographer sooner rather than later is typically you will receive and engagement session with some of their packages! Which is so fun!

Next comes more fun stuff in the wedding planning process, such as dress shopping, choosing stationary and other decor. As well as nailing down other vendors like caterers and florists and all the fun selections that go along with those. Wedding planning truly is what you make it and going into it knowing it is going to be fun is how you will have such a great time planning this momentous day in your life. Remember to choose what you really want, let your budget guide you but not define exactly what you can and can't have. Be happy with your decisions and think about your guests as well as yourselves having the best day ever.

Our biggest piece of advice as it gets down to the nitty gritty of the planning process is...to hire a planner/coordinator. Someone like us who can handle all of the details that get pesky. Having our couples be able to pass us their toughest task is such a relief for them and keeps the planning process more fun and stress free. Unfortunately with weddings and any large event there is always logistical things that come up close to the day of and frankly the best people to handle those things are people that aren't going to the be the stars of the show that day. We truly love helping our couples during those last 3-6 months before their big day and making sure they feel great going into the day and get to really enjoy the day of!

All in all we want all engaged couples to be excited about this time of their life, and empowered to make

initial planning decisions and enjoy this planning process. We know it gets stressful and for that we are here. Don't delay the planning process if you are newly engaged and set up a complimentary consultation if this whole thing seems like a beast to tackle. We love getting to know our couples and ultimately seeing them happy on their wedding day is what it's all about.

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